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Host Your Own Program By Submitting A  Program Proposal

Do you have a concept for a new program at WAIF?

As we say before every show…


“…WAIF serves only to open it’s airwaves to responsible, divergent points of view…”

We are currently accepting proposals representing music, talk and/or education of all kinds.

Proposals are now being accepted for programs to air once each week in the available slots on the Program Schedule. WAIF broadcasts locally at 88.3 FM and streams via the internet around the world.

How To Submit a Program Proposal:


Think about your idea. Flesh out your idea in your mind. It’s absolutely not necessary to have your idea completely realized, planned out and “down to a T” before contacting WAIF. Once you’re comfortable enough to explain the idea, download a copy of the WAIF Radio Proposal form and fill it out. Explain your idea and how it would be beneficial to the Greater Cincinnati area or possibly even a national or an international audience. This WAIF Radio Proposal form will outline EVERYTHING we need to get you into the station! If you have questions contact the WAIF Committee Chair listed below.

Program Committee Chair
Chris Kelly


Click on the red icon to download the Program Application in PDF format

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