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Underwriting at WAIF

Thank you very much for thinking about underwriting a program at WAIF-FM! Your support enables WAIF Community Radio station to broadcast our fine programming - and spread word about your business - to the entire Greater Cincinnati area and throughout the world via our live internet stream!

Click on the Adobe Reader icon below to download the underwriting form.

How Underwriting Works at WAIF Radio

In exchange for the underwriting fee, a WAIF programmer may read a “Mention” about the underwriter's business on the air or play a recorded Mention. We recommend your Mention run at least 20 seconds and may run up to a maximum of 45 seconds. You may submit the Mention yourself, work with the programmer you are underwriting or have that programmer write the Mention.


About Your Business's On-Air “Mentions”:

Simply stated, underwriting Mentions may “inform” but not “promote”.

• Your Mention may contain factual information such as your name, business names, general location, address, phone number, website address, etc., and information about the product or services you provide.


• Your Mention must not contain prices, charges or rates, nor statements as to the quality, convenience, uniqueness or other qualitative aspects of your business.


• Your Mention must also not contain “calls to action”, such as “Come see us now!”


• WAIF reserves the right to accept/modify/reject any written or recorded Mentions in order to be compliant with FCC regulations.


With your completed contract, please attach either the text to be read

on-air or the script or actual copy of the recorded Mention.


WAIF Underwriting Rates:

WAIF underwriting rates vary depending upon the show with a charge for each Mention. There is no minimum or maximum to the number of Mentions. Contact the programmer for the show you would like to underwrite to find out the rate for that particular show.

However, since ALL Mentions MUST be paid for in advance, a specific schedule should be developed.

While a schedule would have no precise requirements, it should include for example:

1.  Number of Mentions per show (Once or twice per hour? One or more hours per show?)

2. Frequency (Every show? Every other week? Specific weeks during month? Once a month?)

3. How long the schedule will run (One month? Six Months? One year?)

4. With the schedule of Mentions agreed upon by the underwriter and programmer, simply multiply the number of Mentions by the rate to determine the fee for this particular contract!

Once again – thank you very much for considering Underwriting a program at WAIF-88.3 FM!!

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