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Since WAIF is an all volunteer radio station we are always needing volunteers that would like to help and get involved. No matter what your skills are we can use all the help we can get.  It is often said, "Many hands make light work”. This could not be truer than at WAIF, we are all ways in need of volunteers to do many tasks. You do not have to have a radio show to volunteer at WAIF, but you do need to be a member.  

We have many things that need to be done and here are a few examples:

1.    Cleaning 

2.    Gardening/Landscaping     

3.    Painting

4.    Carpentry

5.    Plumbing

6.    Office/Clerical

7.    Computer

8.    Studio Engineering


This is a pretty good list to start with, as you can see there is something to do for almost anyone that has a heart for WAIF. Please contact a board member to get started volunteering at WAIF


Volunteering at WAIF

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