​This Board of Directors as of September 18th 2022 at the WAIF annual meeting. 


The WAIF Board of Trustees in alphabetical order are: 

Olubanjo Adigun, John Carpenter, Damon Davis, Gebhard Erler, Joe Harpring, Phillita Kahr, Guy Moore, Janice Napier, Vinay Satyal, Tanya Stager, Victoria Straughn


WAIF Radio is a community radio station with a wide variety of programming, check out the PROGRAMS link to see a schedule of the programs we currently have to offer!
WAIF FM as a community radio station serves only to open its airwaves to responsible, divergent points of view. The opinions expressed during our programs do not reflect the views of WAIF, it's staff or its Board of Trustees. The opinions expressed reflects the views of the of the show's programmer or the view of its guests. 

The fine all-volunteer folks at 88.3 (WAIF-FM). Cincinnati's community radio station has the widest variety of talk on the local airwaves with women, minorities, union organizers, religious leaders and crazy young people actually hosting their own shows on a regular basis.

Imagine that: A diversity of opinion not only tolerated but encouraged! In Cincinnati?