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Thank You!

We would like to thank all of our loyal listeners who pledged to make our memberthon a success! It's people like you who have kept this station on the air since 1975.


Check Out These New Shows:

Empowered For Life - Sundays from 6-8pm

Queen City Cafe - Fridays from 11am-2pm 


Shows That Have Had Changes:

Rave Between The Lines - Monday 8-10pm (moved from Friday)

The Sunday Drive - Wednesdays 2-3pm (moved from Friday)

Kingdom Citizens - Fridays 2-5pm (added an hour)

Sankofa - Fridays 7-9pm (added an hour)

Spirits Eats Music - Sundays 4-6pm (Renamed from Caribbean Express) Its the same show, only the name has changed!

WAIF Board of Trustees Meetings
The WAIF Board of Trustees meet on the second Wednesday of every month @ 7:00PM at the WAIF Studios located at 1434 East McMillan Street, Cincinnati Ohio 45206
Everyone is welcome to attend, If you want to speak at a BOT meeting you need to contact the Board of Trustees Chair to be placed on the agenda at least a week before the meeting to be added to the agenda.
WAIF Board Of Trustees BOT 2023-2024_edi
Welcome to our new Board of Trustees

Seated left to right: Phillita Kahr, Vinay Satyal, Chris Kelly, Zakia McKinney


Standing left to right: Tanya Stager, Gebhard Erler,  , Daryl Muhammad, John Carpenter, Janice NaPiér


Victoria Straughn(not in the picture)

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